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Home Depot Kitchen Tile Elegant Blue Glass Tiles For Backsplash - Home Depot Glass Tile

Home Depot Kitchen Tile Elegant Blue Glass Tiles For Backsplash  - Home Depot Glass Tile Home Depot Kitchen Tile Elegant Blue Glass Tiles For Backsplash – Home Depot Glass Tile

Many of the beautiful kitchens seen in design magazines photos now feature glass tile backsplashes.  Installation is as easy as traditional tiles, but there are some special instructions to follow when working with glass tile.

Special Note: If this is your first time working on a tiling project, click on this link for learning how to install a kitchen backsplash.   Be sure to attend the 11 am Tiling Clinic every Saturday morning at your local Home Depot store for more tips and tricks of the trade.

Once you have measured the square footage needed for the backsplash, add 10% to complete the design.  Your sales associate can help you calculate the amount needed. 

When cutting glass tiles, you will need to use a glass cutting blade and a rubbing stone to smooth out the rough edges.  Be careful – the glass surface scratches easily and the edges can cut you!  (This blade can also be used to cut other tiles.)

1.       Setting the tile can be easy using SimpleMat for mortarless installations.  This works for small areas and when using glass tiles as an accent.

2.       If you prefer using a mortar – as my tile specialist recommends – select a white thin-set mortar – gray is okay too.  NOTE: Other color mortars may detract from the beauty of the glass.  

2.       My tile specialist also recommends using the “thinner” rubber grout float for beginner DIYers.  You will have more ability to push the grout and the float is lighter in weight and more flexible to use.

3.       Use a soft cloth (like an old bath towel) or cheese cloth to polish and buff your glass tiles.  The grout haze will be gone and the end result is a shiny new backsplash!

Please keep us posted on your tiling projects – especially those with glass tiles – and we LOVE to see your photos.  Happy tiling!

I just wanted to add a few things to the informative and concise items that Designingwoman already stated in her post regarding backsplashes. 

When you are using polymer-based thin-set mortars (the powdery stuff usually in 50 lbs. bags) on walls, the ONLY product that will work for vertical surface applications in our stores is Custom Building Products Granite and Marble Thin-Set Premium Mortar . Any other of Custom’s products in the bags will fail for wall applications (Versabond, Flexbond, etc.) The Granite and Marble thin-set  works great for large projects, like a shower surround, regardless if its ceramic, natural stone or porcelain tile. It guarantees no slag/ or slip on your wall projects to ensure proper spacing is there for when the tile dries and the grout is ready to put down on them. 

Premixed Thin-Set mortars and Mastics work great for smaller jobs like backsplashes and like Designingwoman  stated on her post earlier,  the Glass Tile Thin-Set Mortar and SimpleMat tile setting mats are really the way to go for smaller kitchen and bathroom wall and counter installations!

Also, consider using the new line of Epoxy commercial grout that we now sell in our aisles. The 2 part epoxy is durable enough to withstand any food splatters in the kitchen and any hard water stains in the bathroom that you and your family dish out on it. My favorite part is not that it doesn’t sag when installed compared to other commercial epoxy grouts out there, or that it has a consistent color with each batch (powder based grouts can sometimes be inconsistent with their coloring), but its that you NEVER have to seal and maintain the grout, the epoxy in the grout does the job for you! I did a more in-depth post of this great product a while back, here is the link and picture of my favorite new grout….

Wish me luck.  I’m going to use the glass tile sheets to install glass tile around a mirror in the guest bathroom of our new house.  Just looking for something to add a little pop. 

Thank you for your comment and welcome to the community! Our weekly in-store tile classes are really the best way to find the answers to all your tile install questions by doing it hands-on. When I teach my classes, I always let the person attending the class ask what specific projects they are working on, as there are extra steps sometimes from wall to floor tile and vice versa.  If you ever have any specific questions or you’d like for us to see your new tile around the mirror in your guest bathroom, please feel free to share them by posting your pictures on our how-to community.  

And just this week Home Depot launched a Custom Mosaic design tool where customers can create and fit their own designs.  This is the first time Home Depot has offered completely customizable products, and enables customers to design their own mosaic, and then order immediately on the website for immediate fabrication and shipping.  http://mosaicloft.homedepot.com

Hello Mosaic Loft and welcome to The Community!  Thank you for sharing your beau tiful line of innovative glass tile backsplashes. I can’t decide which of these two I love more!

Two great choices.  Both are 3/8